Begin with the End in Mind

1. Get clear about the decision.

Don’t dally after you’ve done your research, or relitigate once you’ve made your decision. If you have a tendency to overthink or obsess (or other mental tricks), enlist an ally to help you maneuver past those.  Listening to the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster recording should help, too.

If the issue that has lead you to surgery is having a severe impact on your daily activity or enjoyment of life, and you are a suitable candidate for surgery, and you’ve found a surgeon you feel confidence in, then why delay?  Ok, fine, take your time deciding. But start preparing yourself as if you were going to proceed. That way you won’t be wasting any of your possible pre-hab time.

As your surgeon or PT will readily confirm, “the stronger you are going into surgery, the better your outcome.” The same goes for your mental training.

2. Nip Resignation in the Butt

Nip it. Zip it. Zippity Do Da. If you hear the voice of resignation calling, let it go to voicemail.

3. Take a strategic inventory. Identify resources you can enlist.

How much effort, social capital, and money are you willing to invest in the desired outcome? Can you get someone on-site to help you for the initial period of recovery?  Depending on the surgery that might be one week or two weeks or ?  (depends on your situation).  Oh, I hear you. There’s no way your [fill in the blank] can get off work for that long. How much of a priority is it for you to have this not suck?  

4. Be a Beginner

You’re now leaving your comfort zone. It may have gotten you this far, but it’s unknown lands ahead and you may need to tap into some inner resources you haven’t used recently (or ever) and develop new competencies. The good news? These new gifts will improve your life for all the years to come.

5. You’re More Than Muscle and Bone

Tissue healing. Clearing the anesthesia from your body. Nervous system and emotions settling. We’re going to be addressing all your aspects because, guess what, all of you has been impacted by this condition and this surgery and you have a choice. You can either drift through this or invest now and make your recovery a launchpad for the next stage of your life.  

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