DON’T Ask your Doctor before…

I’m jesting of course. In a perfect world, you could ask your doctor about that pain in your knee when you do a chair squat, or which supplements to take, or how many times each day you could, or should, ice your surgical site. But let’s get real.

In my case, my surgeon is a extraordinary trauma surgeon who responded with great brevity to my questions because, well, he’s busy saving lives. My general physician?  I’ve only met her once, and post-surgical questions aren’t her area of expertise. I did have a nurse hotline, and home visits by a nurse and PT, and I supplemented that with advice from my bodyworker (who has had numerous surgeries herself, and worked with many folks in my position) and via email with my trainer (a chiropractor by training).

I could preface every entry in this blog with “Consult your physician before…” but instead I will give the following exhortations. Do NOT heedlessly do what I did. Follow my example and pair careful and gradual experimentation with consultation from those authorities you CAN consult with.

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