Dress for Success

It’s a fair question: what kind of clothes will you wish you had?  Of course, with Amazon, you can get anything you need pretty quickly, but here are my recommendations to have on hand.  Plan ahead so you can be free of cares. These suggestions are specifically for folks getting a joint replacement, but they apply more generally as well when your mobility is reduced.

  • Loose fitting clothes

  • You’ll want pants with an elastic waist that you can take on and off easily with one of those sticks with a hook at the end of it.
  • Even your underwear may not fit

  • I was surprised to find that the general level of inflammation after a double hip replacement was enough that none of my brief-style underwear fit comfortably. There may be some edema, and you’ll just be a bit puffy wherever your surgery was. In my case, it appears that I am just a bit wider than I was before the surgery (despite being a few pounds lighter than I was before).
  • Discover the Dashiki

  • You’ll want a dashiki-like shirt that hangs so low that you don’t have to be wearing much (or anything) underneath, during those fragile first weeks of recovery. Don’t argue with me on this one. There will be times when you don’t want anything against your legs. It’s just so much easier in the bathroom, too.
  • Forget Lace-up Shoes

  • Flip-flops or deck shoe-type footwear that you can just step into. There’s not going to be tying of laces for a while.

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