Measure twice, cut once.

Just kidding. This is actually a post about measuring your progress.

I strongly recommend you purchase some kind of step tracker. It doesn’t have to be a fancy $200-$300 device with heart rate, etc. No tracker is perfect; all have benefits and downsides.

I chose the simplest one I could find, the Fitbit Blaze, because I don’t like to wear a watch and it didn’t need to be charged every week (like most… and i have enough hungry devices crying out to be fed). It is a small pendant that I clip somewhere on my shirt or pants pocket.

Here’s why you need it:

  • You’re going to be building up from 50 steps a day up to 5,000 or more. What will that curve look like?  How many steps can you add each day or week (assuming you’re feeling good)?  The reality is that you’ll be experimenting. But you won’t be able to make sense of your experience unless you know what you’d done.
  • It will help you make the same mistakes just once 🙂

Here’s what my activity curve looks like now (at 3 months). You can see lots of spikes with me backing off directly after. And that’s what I recommend. Find an activity level that works for you and every week or so, on a day you feel good, give yourself a bit of a challenge. Then back off for a day and assess.


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