Your relationship with your body and yourself may have gotten you this far, but it’s unknown lands ahead and you need to tap into some deeper resources than you have been accessing thus far. I’m suggesting that you need to get a little out of your comfort zone… but we’re there already, aren’t we? Some days we may scarcely remember what feeling comfortable is.

Unlearn what you have learned – Yoda

Put another way… which mind do you think is going to be 100% conducive to optimum healing?  The one that badgers and berates you, or a benevolent and patient mind that forgoes the shaming self-talk and learns from setbacks while staying focused on the positive outcomes?

To have a successful outcome, I’m suggesting that you need to cultivate (on a daily basis) a positive mindset, and develop a new set of competencies to navigate the set of challenges that lie ahead. If you would prefer to just numb out and hope that you wake up good as new, I think you are setting yourself up for a long and incomplete recovery, and missing out on a golden opportunity to launch yourself into a new phase of your life with renewed fitness, energy and purpose.

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