“Melt” your post-op foot soreness away

Are you familiar with the “wedge” approach to addressing climate change?  There won’t be one solution; instead, there will be a set of approaches which in aggregate will make the difference.

Well, your pain & discomfort can be addressed similarly.

Visiting a bodyworker, daily exercise to stabilize, topical salves, mind training, cannabis or other Rx, and even these blue “Melt” balls also have a small but important part to play. During the weeks directly after surgery, my discomfort was concentrated in a tennis ball-size area below my incisions, and the soles of my feet. Will Melt balls be your go-to in the first tender weeks? No. But you aren’t going to be using pain medicine forever, so you’re going to need a bag of tricks.

I was fortunate that my daughter gave me short foot rubs every day (usually without the unicorn mask), but other than that, there wasn’t much I could do (bending your legs within reach will not be an option for many weeks!). When you have visitors, ask them to put some clean socks on you and give you a foot rub!


When you don’t have a unicorn providing foot rubs (and once you are stable enough to use them), “Melt Method” balls will help relieve the tension in your legs. They’re inexpensive and not complicated to use: there’s a sequence of moves you can do once each day that will make a noticeable difference.


How soon can you use these post-surgery?  I started using them at about four weeks. I feel like I could have started much sooner but I had the unicorn.  Obviously you need to feel stable and secure standing mostly on one leg before you can attempt this, and you should do it near something you can hold onto.

Best would be to show them to your PT and get their approval before using

Here’s a video demonstration of the foot treatment. It’s truly delicious, and great to use before and/or after a long walk or workout.

They also sell a Melt balls kit with DVD if you like, and the soft roller is also a great addition to your equipment.

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