Transitioning off your pain medication

If you are using Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster method, your discomfort may be so mild that you can manage it with cold therapy and mild pain relievers (as recommended by your physician).

But if you are using opiates or CBD cannabis for your pain management, I have a suggestion for easing the transition off.

Nurture Your Heart

Fill your day and week with activities and relationships that nurture your heart, inspire and energize you. For that matter, do this before your operation as well!  Do it during your recovery, and do it as you resume your activities.  Sober life has to feel compelling without the substance that your brain has become accustomed to. The time to identify and practice these activities is ideally before your operation. Start right now.

Try knitting. Throw pottery. Try an expressive movement class or an improvisational singing class (two of my favorite activities).  Confined to home?  Whatever you can imagine exists online, on Youtube, online classes, etc.

Find new sources of euphoria and deep satisfaction

Cook nourishing meals for yourself or with others. Find activities you do with others and activities you can do by yourself. What hobbies or interests have you put aside that you can rediscover?  Is there a musical instrument you can pick back up? (I’m not sure this is the best time to take on the frustrations of learning a new musical instrument)  Maybe there’s something you’ve long imagined but never taken the time to explore.  Let now be the time. Don’t substitute alcohol or psychoactive cannabis, which both have depressant qualities. Use this juncture to re-invest in an unadulterated enjoyment of life.

As you transition off pain medication, you can expect to feel somewhat down and de-motivated for a time.  Know this going in. Know that you are not your thoughts. Lean on your network of support to get you through it. See your chiropractor or massage therapist and get that vital feeling of being aligned and moving well. Redouble your commitment to your fitness so you can enjoy those endorphins and the virtuous feeling of being on track with your recovery.

Above all, utilize one or more mind training recordings daily without fail. We have lots of self-defeating programs rattling around in our head. Give some life-affirming messages a fighting chance.

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