So… tomorrow is your surgery. Ta da! It’s likely been months of [research, deciding, doubting, preparing, and much more] to arrive at this moment. And now, the time for doing is largely passed. Sure, you have to pack a bag with a few things for the hospital. But the time has arrived to begin your Sabbatical, your time of rest and restoration.

Begin it now.

How about making yourself a cup of herbal tea and cracking open a book of poetry?

What’s that? There’s too much to do, can’t sit still?  Ok, take care of those last few things on your list. But if you find you’re still restless, know that it’s natural to be nervous. When you observe worries bubbling up, take a minute to visualize your 3rd end result, the positive outcome you’re envisioning for yourself.

Breathe and imagine the scene in full sensory detail. Maintaining your inner equilibrium is your only task for this day and tomorrow.

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