Yes, Your Recovery Could Get Expensive

Elsewhere I’ve recommended you extend your Sabbatical as long as you can, equip a home gym, and supplementing your insurance-provided Physical Therapist with a trainer and other healing arts practitioners.  If you’re having a joint replacement or other similarly major surgery, I recommend having months of sessions with the trio of chiropractor, personal trainer and massage therapist. I… Continue reading Yes, Your Recovery Could Get Expensive

Design your day with healing in mind

Let’s think about building a results-oriented and savory day: Whether we are weeks or months before surgery, or weeks or months afterwards, we can positively influence the course of your recovery by composing your day with intention (rather than habit and custom). Each of our days (if we are serious about accelerating your healing) will have something for the psyche… Continue reading Design your day with healing in mind

It’s Not a Race

Notice when you’re comparing yourself to a mental picture or expectation. You might hear about someone else’s rate of recovery and decide that you should be able to transition from crutches to walking sticks when I did. Or you might wait longer than necessary because you don’t think you should be able to do something so soon.… Continue reading It’s Not a Race