Strengthening Happens on Rest Days

Mustering the motivation to perform our exercise routine and staying active through the day to reach our step goal (whatever that is) can be a challenge. We might be sore, or tired, or feeling discouraged. Or imagining fatigue or discomfort after exercise with dread. What does one day matter, anyway?  (that’s the voice of discouragement talking, btw).… Continue reading Strengthening Happens on Rest Days

You can’t “just do what your PT says”

Take responsibility for your own recovery Without questioning the competence and dedication of the Physical Therapist assigned to you by your insurer, be forewarned: what you’re getting from them is likely not enough for a full and complete recovery. If you visit a PT twice a month, for 30-45 minutes, much of it spent assessing and talking,… Continue reading You can’t “just do what your PT says”

Secrets of Stretching

You can’t stretch like you fold laundry. At least once each day, you’re going to be doing some stretching. It’s up to you whether you view it as yet another chore to do in the shortest possible time, and possibly with a sense of resentment (“didn’t I just stretch yesterday?”). But you can learn to… Continue reading Secrets of Stretching

Wait, I have to stretch and exercise AGAIN?

I admit it. Some days I just can’t believe I have to exercise or stretch yet again. Didn’t I just do that?  I may find myself filled with dread and inertia. I just don’t wanna. Whether we’re talking about staying comfortable and functional pre-op, or restoring comfort and function post-op, if you weren’t previously in… Continue reading Wait, I have to stretch and exercise AGAIN?

It’s Not a Race

Notice when you’re comparing yourself to a mental picture or expectation. You might hear about someone else’s rate of recovery and decide that you should be able to transition from crutches to walking sticks when I did. Or you might wait longer than necessary because you don’t think you should be able to do something so soon.… Continue reading It’s Not a Race