Homepathic Arnica

Today’s recommendation: Homeopathic Arnica for neutralizing the shock and trauma of surgery. Let’s be honest- even if you’ve been diligent with your mental and physical training (and especially if you haven’t), the experience of surgery is a wee bit traumatic. What can we do to help the body return to equilbrium? While homeopathy is sometimes… Continue reading Homepathic Arnica

Yes, Your Recovery Could Get Expensive

Elsewhere I’ve recommended you extend your Sabbatical as long as you can, equip a home gym, and supplementing your insurance-provided Physical Therapist with a trainer and other healing arts practitioners.  If you’re having a joint replacement or other similarly major surgery, I recommend having months of sessions with the trio of chiropractor, personal trainer and massage therapist. I… Continue reading Yes, Your Recovery Could Get Expensive

Rest is What You Need

Let’s explore an active rest technique called three dimensional breathing. Here it is with some feline accompaniment. And here it is just with audio.

Blanket Forgiveness

Elsewhere I’ve suggested that you stock your pantry, set your bills on autopay, and try to cross some things off your list so they aren’t hanging over you anymore. But even more essential than that, I want for you to go into surgery with a light heart. So I suggest that you briefly bring to mind… Continue reading Blanket Forgiveness

Congratulations! You’re going to take a Sabbatical.

Maybe you’ve caught it early and the impact on your life is modest and you’re still weighing your options, or perhaps things have gotten to the point that you are counting the days until your surgery. In any case, this situation has thrown a wrench in your plans. It’s not like we didn’t have plenty going… Continue reading Congratulations! You’re going to take a Sabbatical.