Address the Stress

Guest post by our favorite Chinese Medical Doctor, Frances Wocicki of Crowheart Acupuncture. I know I sound like a broken record….but now is the best time to build practices that help you to manage your stress response. Life is rarely easy. We all have things that cause stress. And that will always be the case.… Continue reading Address the Stress

A mid-morning smoothie

During the first six weeks, I had a tremendous appetite. It wasn’t just the cannabis, as my appetite faded first. How tremendous? I was eating five full meals each day. Basically, I became ravenously hungry about every 90 minutes to 2 hours. For my mid-morning meal I made a huge smoothie, with input from my… Continue reading A mid-morning smoothie

Breathe with the sensations

There may be times that you are experiencing uncomfortable sensations with a strong intensity. Your body may instinctively tense up against those sensations, but I invite you to explore another way.  Let the sensations move through you, as if they were waves. Waves of sound. Waves of water (we are mostly water, after all). Breathe. Wiggle. Sing… Continue reading Breathe with the sensations

Wait, I have to stretch and exercise AGAIN?

I admit it. Some days I just can’t believe I have to exercise or stretch yet again. Didn’t I just do that?  I may find myself filled with dread and inertia. I just don’t wanna. Whether we’re talking about staying comfortable and functional pre-op, or restoring comfort and function post-op, if you weren’t previously in… Continue reading Wait, I have to stretch and exercise AGAIN?

Why oh why do I need a joint replacement?

And how much energy should we put into this question? Here’s the Buddha’s perspective on the matter (Dr. Bradley K. Hawkins’ version; there are others.) “Imagine that you are walking along a path in the forest and suddenly, out of the trees, comes an arrow and punctures you in the thigh.  When the arrow goes into… Continue reading Why oh why do I need a joint replacement?

“Melt” your post-op foot soreness away

Are you familiar with the “wedge” approach to addressing climate change?  There won’t be one solution; instead, there will be a set of approaches which in aggregate will make the difference. Well, your pain & discomfort can be addressed similarly. Visiting a bodyworker, daily exercise to stabilize, topical salves, mind training, cannabis or other Rx,… Continue reading “Melt” your post-op foot soreness away

Acetabular resurfacing vs total hip replacement

This is a topic I know nearly nothing about (except that resurfacing does not involve replacing part of your bone with titanium). I just know that in my particular case, it wasn’t an option. But for some people, it’s all they need, apparently. Add it to your list of questions to ask your orthopedic surgeon. Here’s the… Continue reading Acetabular resurfacing vs total hip replacement

Your Custom Statement for the Anesthesiologist

You’ll be standing awkwardly in pre-op as the nurses bustle around you. Your clothes will go into a sealed bag and you’ll be wearing a thin cotton robe/smock. But taped to your chest will be a little piece of paper with some affirming words. You’ll also give a paper copy to the anesthesiologist whenever you… Continue reading Your Custom Statement for the Anesthesiologist

Why listen to me?

It’s an important question. I am neither a doctor nor a physical therapist. I have studied with masters of various healing arts (including osteopath/acupuncturist Dan Bensky,  osteopath Dr. John  “can talk to tumors” Upledger, and Kathmandu’s cherished ayurvedic physician Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya, as well as chiropractor/breema practitioner Jon Schreiber), and I have studied, practiced, shared widely and… Continue reading Why listen to me?