Grounding & Embodiment 

with Rebecca Bone

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Session One: Nature Journey

Receive guidance and experience in “listening” deeply to your body to discover those aspects of yourself that are deeper than your intellect and beyond words.   We belong to the earth as water belongs to the sea. We are a part of her, our bones made of her minerals, our blood made of her water. Take this audio journey with you out into nature for an embodied walk.

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Session Two: Breath, Texture, Pulse

Through the exploration of improvisational movement and embodiment practices you can learn to speak your body's language, more fully inhabit your body and come to know it as a rich resource and sanctuary - a place to connect with your sense of self.

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Session Three: Curves

Walk and dance on the earth as the living, breathing, sensitive being that she is. Through the lens of movement, play and creative exploration, we will practice deepening our connection with the earth and connecting with the earth in each other. 

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Session Four: Surrendering to the Body's Knowing

We are cultivating a practice of tuning to and surrendering to the knowing of the body by entering into a space where movement, the language of the body, is the official language. Allow the body to lead the way as we delve into improvisational movement practices. Awaken the body’s own intelligence and enter into a state of awareness akin to a starling in murmuration. 

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Session Five: Sensation & Stillness

Within the container of our skin there is a myriad of sensation, movement and change taking place even while our body is in relative stillness. Vast, multi-faceted and complex, our inner landscape is constantly informing and influencing how we relate to ourselves as well as to our outer world.

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Session Six: Innate Intelligence

Come home to your body through the power of movement. Receive guidance in “listening” deeply to your body to discover the innate intelligence existing within. Dance on the earth as birds fly above. What if that which guides a starling exists within each of us, accessible through the body and perceptible in the practice of moving together?

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