Vital Body Project


Recondition your Earth Suit with practices

that are fun, effective & safe for all bodies 

Our Earth Suits (bodies) have lots of deferred maintenance

  • Some muscles are overworking/tight, others are weak/not firing.
  • We've got pain & limitation. We may feel discouragement, resignation, or have other negative stories playing.
  • Our sitting, standing, driving, and even sleeping positions are perpetuating our challenges.
  • We may not have the time or money to see physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, bodyworkers, etc.
  • Even if we have been given specific exercises, we struggle to integrate them into our day/week. 

Start With These Four.

New Practices added Every Month!

Move with less effort and more ease, so you can train more sustainably & recover more quickly. 

Core & Restore  
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This sequence can be used gently for self-repair, and it has the potential to both strengthen and soften our tight shoulders and chest.  

Walking & Treadmill Revolution
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We can upgrade some of our walking time to develop balance, coordination and agility as we activate the back body.

Dr Arthur's Morning Exercise

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If you do one thing each day, make it this 10 minute routine. Check in and gently recondition all the joints and major muscles of the body.

Stick Stretching Routines

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After Dr. Arthur's Morning Exercise, pick up a four foot PVC and try this sequence. No stick? You can use a rigid broom handle or hiking pole. 

What people say about the Vital Body Project

Expanded my toolkit

I'm keen to keep running and XC skiing as I age. These practices are proving to be indispensable!

Mateo E.

Endurance Athlete  Truckee, CA

My mindset's better

Your handbook and custom guided visualization were exactly what I needed to navigate my total hip replacement without fear.

Tanya K.


London, UK

I'm making headway

These are quick enough and simple enough that I can get myself to do them!

Ian S.

Creative Director  Seattle, WA

About the Instructor

Evan Specter

Evan has been an instructor of somatic arts & healing arts for 25 years.  Facing a double hip replacement in 2016, he embarked on a project to vitalize and repair his own body. He used stick stretching and other practices to prepare for & quickly recover from the surgery. He rehabilitated a sad, sore body into a vital, flexible one. 

He acquired a whole new toolkit for addressing discomfort, inflammation, balance and coordination. Sparing no expense, he tried a dozen modalities, and distilled the most powerful of these into the Vital Body Project, an accessible protocol that somehow finds a way to make it a journey of self-discovery as well.  

Pricing Plans

Start your own Vital Body Project today


Build flexibility, joint mobility, balance & coordination with Stick Fitness. Take your health into your own hands. 


$14.95 /mo

$9.95 /mo


Private COaching

An hour with Evan. Get your questions answered and launch your own Vital Body Project. 


$150 /ea 

$120 /ea 


Feel like you don't have time for this?

There's a classic Buddhist tale of a man who visits the Buddha asking for answers.  The Buddha offers him a tea cup and starts pouring tea into it, and keeps pouring until it runs over, fills the saucer and then spills onto the floor. The Buddha explains to the perplexed visitor that we're like that cup, already overfull but seeking more. 

If we lack time in the morning for a 15 minute routine, we can ourselves to bed 15 minutes earlier. Saying 'yes' to this may require saying 'no' to that.




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Frequently Asked Questions 

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