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Tracy Lease,


In the three years that I’ve been studying with Tracy, I’ve learned more about my body than in all of my previous 25 years of regular yoga classes. Her subtle cues have taught me that an asana isn’t simply the form but a beautiful combination of muscles and bones and joints working together to become that form.  Bringing attention to the core in yoga classes as well as in Pilates classes has enabled me to finally master my biggest challenges in yoga.

Nadine Shub

Pilates & Yoga student

Tracy delivers vast amounts of information in simple, sometimes poetic language. I practice what I learn in class when I’m doing the laundry, going up stairs, lifting groceries and or sitting on the sofa with a book.  I breathe more effectively and I am more in tune with my body as my partner and friend.

Kathy St. Johns

Yoga, Pilates & Qigong student



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