Healthy Movement for those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

July 14 & 21, 3-4pm on Zoom

Learn to take care of your body in exercise class and in daily life while living with osteoporosis/penia. 

The course will include two one-hour long classes discussing anatomy, osteoporosis, including some of the latest research and discussion, downloadable handouts, a reading list, and two 30 minute exercise sequences. 

We’ll explore postural alignment as well as exercises that build bone density, muscle strength and balance. We’ll look at how to translate the body awareness we gain through exercises to our real world physical exertions– riding a bike, working in the garden, getting a variety of cardiovascular exercise, safely! 

Keep safe while exercising

Explore your relationship with gravity and the impact it has on your spine and pelvis. When we find length and space, we exert less strain on our joints.

Two live Classes

July 14 & 21, 3-4pm on Zoom

Attend Live or Use Recordings 

It’s most beneficial to attend the hourlong classes live so you can receive feedback from Tracy, but you’ll also have access to recordings if one or both scheduled sessions don’t work for you.

Once signed up for the session, you may email me with your personal questions.

     + Two Practice Sessions

In addition to the two hourlong classes, you’ll also have access to two 30 minute practice sessions. They focus on yoga poses, Pilates and Qigong to build bone density, muscle strength, myofascial mobility, as well as improved coordination and balance.

You'll also receive a recommended reading list and handouts you can download.

Let's find grace and ease in our bodies

I would like everyone to experience safe, alignment-based movement practices and the healing and contentment I have found in these experiences. Yoga and Pilates are play, adventure, and study and offer us freedom, awakening and joy. 

Tracy Lease, RYT, PMA-CPT 
Director of Full Life Studio for Yoga, Pilates & Qigong

teaches what would best be described as mindful, joyful movement. Tracy carries her personal meditation practice into each class with the desire to help others live in their own inner landscapes with ease and awareness.  She completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training with Sarah Joy Marsh with a focus on yoga for health for those with more serious physical and psychological health concerns including joint replacements, mastectomies, depression, and much more. Tracy is currently in an advanced training in yoga therapy.