Experience Freedom and Ease in Your Shoulders

You'll have access to

Two one hour workshops

We'll move through a variety rich range of yoga stretches, mindful shoulder reconditioning movements, and intentional breathing practices and Qigong. Plus just enough anatomy education to give conceptual scaffolding for our experience.  

What we'll explore

I have thought a lot about the shoulders in my years running Full Life Studio, as well as during my years teaching yoga at the University of Fairbanks.  I see that these anatomy workshops are helping my students.  We'll start by looking at illustrations of the anatomical features of that region of our body.  Then we'll learn some exercises to help us become more conscious of muscle, bone and correct postural alignment. We integrate what we are learning with a few yoga poses and finish by considering how we can use this understanding during activities of daily life.

In the second workshop, we review and expand our knowledge and try a new set of exercises. We’ll accommodate a variety of learning styles through varied teaching techniques-- visual, auditory, hands-on experience, question & answer.

I want us all to know our bodies well-- to treat them as close friends. Let’s get beyond feeling betrayed by our bodies or living a short distance from our bodies on purpose.  We can move with strength, grace, and ease. And we can learn this awareness and happiness at all stages of our lives.

Let's find grace & ease in our bodies

I would like everyone to experience safe, alignment-based movement practices and the healing and contentment I have found in them.

These practices can be play, adventure and study, 

while offering us freedom, awakening and joy. 

~ Tracy

Tracy Lease

Director of Full Life Studio for Yoga, Pilates & Qigong

Tracy teaches what would best be described as mindful, joyful movement. Tracy carries her personal meditation practice into each class with the desire to help others live in their own inner landscapes with ease and awareness.  She completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training with Sarah Joy Marsh with a focus on yoga for health for those with more serious physical and psychological health concerns including joint replacements, mastectomies, depression, and much more. Tracy is currently in an advanced training in yoga therapy.