Vital Body Project:

Stick Fitness

Recondition your Earth Suit while having fun

Combine a long lever, slow jams, and regular practice.

Take your health into your own hands! With stick fitness, you can undo the contracted, collapsed state where most of find ourselves! Developed by a chiropractor & exercise physiologist, stick fitness is safe and effective for every body. 

Our Earth Suits have a lot of deferred maintenance

  • Some muscles are overworking/tight, others are weak/not firing.
  • We've got pain & limitation. We may feel discouragement, resignation, or have other negative stories playing.
  • Our sitting, standing, driving, and even sleeping positions are likely perpetuating our challenges.
  • We may not have the time or money to see physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, bodyworkers, etc.
  • Even if we have been given specific exercises, we struggle to integrate them into our day/week. 

We can start our own Vital Body Project now

  • Learn to move with less effort and more ease, train more sustainably & recover more quickly. 
  • Carve out a physical place and times of day to build flexibility, coordination and strength for the long haul.
  • Enlist allies, mobilize internal & external resources, and develop new competencies & new habits.
  • Be mindful of the personality, whether it's helping or hindering, with kindness, not self-attack.

Pricing Plans


An hour with Evan to launch your own Vital Body Project. 


$120 /each

$90 /each

Movement as Medicine

A well-balanced diet includes ample fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and leafy greens, and we need a variety of movement nutrients as well!  We need to cultivate flexibility in our musculature, mobility in our joints, weight bearing movement to signal to the body to keep building bone, as well as some kind of gentle, harmonious movement to balance our emotions and nervous system. Stick Fitness can provide nourishment in all these areas!  The broader Vital Body Project has even more resources to support you in this aim, but if you were open to trying just one new practice, I'd recommend this.~ Evan

Stick Routines

There's different repertoire to use with different length sticks.

Ideally you'll get a whole set but starting with a 5 foot (if shorter) or 6 foot (if taller)

Four Foot Stick Routines
Try it once for free!
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After the dynamic warmup, pick up a four foot PVC stick and try this sequence. No stick? You can use a rigid broom handle or hiking pole. For the other sequences you'll need to make them or get them shipped to you. Keep a four footer in your car for stretching breaks on long drives!

Five Foot Stick Routines

You can stretch the whole body with a five foot stick. For a shorter person, or smaller exercise space, it's a great choice. It's a good size to keep handy and pick up a few times during your workday.

Lower Body Conditioning with 2 Five foot sticks

A brain-stretching, rhythmic full body workout, with a unique section for strengthening and toning the back body and the gluts, which in many people aren't firing properly.

Six Foot Stick Routines

Especially for taller folks, a six foot stick opens up some additional possibilities, including some that may become your favorites.  I offer versions of these sequences with music and also without music, so you can play your own.

About the Instructor

Evan Specter

Evan has been an instructor of somatic arts & healing arts for 25 years.  Facing a double hip replacement in 2016, he embarked on a project to vitalize and repair his own body. He used stick stretching and other practices to prepare for & quickly recover from the surgery. He rehabilitated a sad, sore body into a vital, flexible one. 

He acquired a whole new toolkit for addressing discomfort, inflammation, balance and coordination. Sparing no expense, he tried a dozen modalities, and distilled the most powerful of these into the Vital Body Project, an accessible protocol that somehow finds a way to make it a journey of self-discovery as well.  

What they say about the Vital Body Project

What they say about the Vital Body Project...

Invigorated & Light

I felt more fluid in my body and grounded after being guided through a stick fitness session on Zoom with Evan! I found his cueing & timing flowed in a way that made it easy for me to receive guidance and understand what he was leading me into. I felt secure in that he understands the body so deeply and keeps the importance of honoring the body and safety at the forefront in his instruction. I am delighted to have discovered Evan and his beautiful Vital Body Project!

Pollyanna B.

Singer/Songwriter, Fairfax, CA

Expanded my toolkit

I'm keen to keep running and XC skiing as I age. These practices are proving to be indispensable! I already had an arsenal of tactics for self-repair, but stick stretching has now jumped into regular rotation.

Mateo E.

Endurance Athlete  Truckee, CA

Joy and Harmony

I love how these practices make me feel!  Evan makes it fun.

Tamara L.


Grass Valley, CA

I'm making headway

These are quick enough and simple enough that I can get myself to do them!  

Ian S.

Creative Director  Seattle, WA

My mindset's better

Your handbook and custom guided visualization were exactly what I needed to navigate my total hip replacement without fear.

Tanya K.


London, UK

Try the warmup and 4 foot stick sequence for free.

Find yourself a 4 foot PVC (or hiking pole, or broom handle) and give it a whirl!

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