Quantum Healing

Before offering today’s recommendation, a healing visualization called “Quantum K”, I want to review with you some guiding principles of Surgery Success:

  1. All recommendations personally benefited me in a way I could self-verify.
  2. The cost of each recommended practice/modality/tool is proportional to the perceived benefit. So… if I felt that the benefit was mild (or hard to discern in the midst of other self-treatment), the cost would need to be minimal or free.  An expensive tool like a cold therapy machine ($100-200) or multiple visits to a seasoned manual therapist ($120-150 each) would have to deliver extraordinary results (and they do, btw).
  3. I do not limit options to those which were studied double-blind and with a control group, but if the empirical evidence is weaker, the cost and inconvenience would have to be less. For example, the research on homeopathy doesn’t show benefit, but the cost is minimal and it’s just tiny sugar pills, so there are no side effects.

Today’s recommendation is less-studied but free. It’s a 21 minute video called “Quantum K” (OK, it’s 24 minutes, but there’s a bit of intro and epilogue you can skip after the first time). It takes you through a range of healing statements while listening to some atonal/harmonic music. Since you’ve been listening to Peggy Huddleston’s CD (or similar), you’ve experienced for yourself the benefit of bringing yourself to a relaxed and receptive state and then visualizing positive outcomes affects you. Don’t you feel calmer and clearer from using the recordings?  Well, this is a another practice that harnesses focused intent.

How often?  I recommend viewing this as often as hourly while in the hospital and then once or twice each day for a minimum of 4 days post-surgery. Sound like a lot of time?  What else do you think you should be doing?

You don’t have to believe in anything. Just go with it.  If you are curious, you may read more about this video (and see a few other associated videos) on the Quantum K website. My recommendation is just to accept it for what it is and get some benefit.