Addressing the “Out of It” feeling post-surgery

If you are using Peggy Huddleston’s Heal Faster guided visualizations twice daily for at least one week before surgery (ideally two weeks) and a full week after, you can expect to have minimal discomfort post-surgery, easily managed with a mild NSAID like Ibuprofen or a non-psychoactive cannabis tincture (described elsewhere).  But you will have had anesthesia… Continue reading Addressing the “Out of It” feeling post-surgery

Homepathic Arnica

Today’s recommendation: Homeopathic Arnica for neutralizing the shock and trauma of surgery. Let’s be honest- even if you’ve been diligent with your mental and physical training (and especially if you haven’t), the experience of surgery is a wee bit traumatic. What can we do to help the body return to equilbrium? While homeopathy is sometimes… Continue reading Homepathic Arnica

Quantum Healing

Before offering today’s recommendation, a healing visualization called “Quantum K”, I want to review with you some guiding principles of Surgery Success: All recommendations personally benefited me in a way I could self-verify. The cost of each recommended practice/modality/tool is proportional to the perceived benefit. So… if I felt that the benefit was mild (or… Continue reading Quantum Healing