Quantum Healing

Before offering today’s recommendation, a healing visualization called “Quantum K”, I want to review with you some guiding principles of Surgery Success: All recommendations personally benefited me in a way I could self-verify. The cost of each recommended practice/modality/tool is proportional to the perceived benefit. So… if I felt that the benefit was mild (or… Continue reading Quantum Healing

What Strengths do you bring to this Experience?

Take an inventory of assets you’re bringing to this challenge (your surgical preparation and recovery). You have a circle of friends and family, of whatever size and degree of closeness: Maybe this health issue has brought you closer to some of them, or maybe you’ve retreated and feel isolated. You have your current state of health and vitality: Maybe… Continue reading What Strengths do you bring to this Experience?


Transcript: So… tomorrow is your surgery. Ta da! It’s likely been months of [research, deciding, doubting, preparing, and much more] to arrive at this moment. And now, the time for doing is largely passed. Sure, you have to pack a bag with a few things for the hospital. But the time has arrived to begin your… Continue reading Surrender

Magical Thinking

In my years working in the field of natural health, I’ve seen several kinds of magical thinking. Thinking About [something helpful] Without Actually Doing It Funny thing about the mind. We can go through our day repeatedly thinking about doing our strength training, or turning a concern over and over in our mind as if we were making… Continue reading Magical Thinking

Address the Stress

Guest post by our favorite Chinese Medical Doctor, Frances Wocicki of Crowheart Acupuncture. I know I sound like a broken record….but now is the best time to build practices that help you to manage your stress response. Life is rarely easy. We all have things that cause stress. And that will always be the case.… Continue reading Address the Stress

Your Custom Statement for the Anesthesiologist

You’ll be standing awkwardly in pre-op as the nurses bustle around you. Your clothes will go into a sealed bag and you’ll be wearing a thin cotton robe/smock. But taped to your chest will be a little piece of paper with some affirming words. You’ll also give a paper copy to the anesthesiologist whenever you… Continue reading Your Custom Statement for the Anesthesiologist

In-person hypnotherapy vs recordings

I have been using mind training recordings from time to time for a few decades. And yes, for convenience I am using these terms interchangeably: mind training, mindset training, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, guided visualization. It’s all a practice of listening and visualizing that marshals the imagination to shape our physical, mental and emotional state. I discovered self-hypnosis… Continue reading In-person hypnotherapy vs recordings

Make it Awesome

So you need a total joint replacement. Perhaps it feels as if a calamity has befallen you.  It’s terrifying to imagine. A hard road lies ahead. Those are all possible mindsets you could be in. But you can adopt a different mindset, so you can readily find in yourself the willingness to do all the constructive… Continue reading Make it Awesome

What Biases and Tendencies do you Bring to this Process?

TRANSCRIPT A little self-familiarity will go a long way. We all know that what we experience is colored by the norms and conventions of our peers and the society we’re immersed in. We see the world filtered through the lens of our personality and accumulated experiences, which include a mishmash of everything we’ve heard, read or seen. In other… Continue reading What Biases and Tendencies do you Bring to this Process?