Addressing the “Out of It” feeling post-surgery

If you are using Peggy Huddleston’s Heal Faster guided visualizations twice daily for at least one week before surgery (ideally two weeks) and a full week after, you can expect to have minimal discomfort post-surgery, easily managed with a mild NSAID like Ibuprofen or a non-psychoactive cannabis tincture (described elsewhere).  But you will have had anesthesia… Continue reading Addressing the “Out of It” feeling post-surgery

Homepathic Arnica

Today’s recommendation: Homeopathic Arnica for neutralizing the shock and trauma of surgery. Let’s be honest- even if you’ve been diligent with your mental and physical training (and especially if you haven’t), the experience of surgery is a wee bit traumatic. What can we do to help the body return to equilbrium? While homeopathy is sometimes… Continue reading Homepathic Arnica

Quantum Healing

Before offering today’s recommendation, a healing visualization called “Quantum K”, I want to review with you some guiding principles of Surgery Success: All recommendations personally benefited me in a way I could self-verify. The cost of each recommended practice/modality/tool is proportional to the perceived benefit. So… if I felt that the benefit was mild (or… Continue reading Quantum Healing

Savor the Cold

Transcript Even if you tend to be a person who prefers the hot chocolate afterwards and not so much being outside in winter, it’s different during these days after surgery. It must feel plain old wonderful to have cold therapy running on the affected part(s) of your body.  To savor your cold therapy more deeply, and… Continue reading Savor the Cold

Don’t let your mind run amok. Use this Jedi Mind trick on yourself.

Having anxious thoughts?  Here’s a remedy. During the weeks before the procedure, an image would leap into my mind of the surgeon sawing away at my leg. It was horrific. And during the first four or five weeks after the surgery, I would occasionally feel a pressure at the front of one hip and the image leapt to mind of… Continue reading Don’t let your mind run amok. Use this Jedi Mind trick on yourself.