Homepathic Arnica

Today’s recommendation: Homeopathic Arnica for neutralizing the shock and trauma of surgery. Let’s be honest- even if you’ve been diligent with your mental and physical training (and especially if you haven’t), the experience of surgery is a wee bit traumatic. What can we do to help the body return to equilbrium? While homeopathy is sometimes… Continue reading Homepathic Arnica

What Strengths do you bring to this Experience?

Take an inventory of assets you’re bringing to this challenge (your surgical preparation and recovery). You have a circle of friends and family, of whatever size and degree of closeness: Maybe this health issue has brought you closer to some of them, or maybe you’ve retreated and feel isolated. You have your current state of health and vitality: Maybe… Continue reading What Strengths do you bring to this Experience?

Yes, Your Recovery Could Get Expensive

Elsewhere I’ve recommended you extend your Sabbatical as long as you can, equip a home gym, and supplementing your insurance-provided Physical Therapist with a trainer and other healing arts practitioners.  If you’re having a joint replacement or other similarly major surgery, I recommend having months of sessions with the trio of chiropractor, personal trainer and massage therapist. I… Continue reading Yes, Your Recovery Could Get Expensive

Start Where You Are

Transcript Take a moment to experience yourself just as you are. Feel the weight of your legs and back in the chair or bed.  With your next exhalation, let your body settle a bit more into the chair or bed. Feel tension leaving the small muscles around your eyes, your jaw, your neck, your upper back. With… Continue reading Start Where You Are