Start Where You Are

Transcript Take a moment to experience yourself just as you are. Feel the weight of your legs and back in the chair or bed.  With your next exhalation, let your body settle a bit more into the chair or bed. Feel tension leaving the small muscles around your eyes, your jaw, your neck, your upper back. With… Continue reading Start Where You Are

Your Custom Statement for the Anesthesiologist

You’ll be standing awkwardly in pre-op as the nurses bustle around you. Your clothes will go into a sealed bag and you’ll be wearing a thin cotton robe/smock. But taped to your chest will be a little piece of paper with some affirming words. You’ll also give a paper copy to the anesthesiologist whenever you… Continue reading Your Custom Statement for the Anesthesiologist

In-person hypnotherapy vs recordings

I have been using mind training recordings from time to time for a few decades. And yes, for convenience I am using these terms interchangeably: mind training, mindset training, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, guided visualization. It’s all a practice of listening and visualizing that marshals the imagination to shape our physical, mental and emotional state. I discovered self-hypnosis… Continue reading In-person hypnotherapy vs recordings

Design your day with healing in mind

Let’s think about building a results-oriented and savory day: Whether we are weeks or months before surgery, or weeks or months afterwards, we can positively influence the course of your recovery by composing your day with intention (rather than habit and custom). Each of our days (if we are serious about accelerating your healing) will have something for the psyche… Continue reading Design your day with healing in mind


Your relationship with your body and yourself may have gotten you this far, but it’s unknown lands ahead and you need to tap into some deeper resources than you have been accessing thus far. I’m suggesting that you need to get a little out of your comfort zone… but we’re there already, aren’t we? Some days we… Continue reading Untitled